How Do I Help My Daughter Know She Is God’s Girl?

How Do I Help My Daughter Know She Is God’s Girl?

(Excerpt from Chapter 1: That’s God’s Girl! Cherishing Your Gift from God)

There is a crucial first step that lays the foundation for our parenting. For our daughters to know that they are God’s girls, we must first know that they are God’s girls.

Let’s stop right here. Do you believe your daughter is God’s girl? Do you believe the hands of the Almighty God knit her together in her mother’s womb? Do you believe she is a gift from God? An arrow in your quiver? A reward?

Think about your daughter right now. Is this how you see her? We’re not talking about when she was first born, all snuggly and wrapped up in a pink blanket. We’re talking right now. With pigtails or braces, acne or piercings. With helping hands or hurtful words. With batting eyelashes or rolling eyes. Do you see her as God’s girl?

This one point makes all the difference in how we parent and how we relate to our daughters. If I know that my daughter is a gift from God, then her newborn cries to be fed are not an interruption to my day; it is God telling me to stop my busyness and sit down and enjoy my gift.

If I know my daughter is God’s girl, given to me to raise for His glory, then when I need to bring correction to her, it is with a humble heart using biblical methods. I raise God’s girl in God’s way.

If I know my daughter is given to me by God, I thank the Lord when she does well in school, knowing that He gave her the intelligence, and that my responsibility is to teach her to steward it for His glory.

If I know my daughter is a gift to me from my Father then I know that her bad attitude and disobedience can be used by Him to reveal my own sinful nature and conform me to the image of Jesus Christ.

If I know my daughter is created in the image of God, then when she talks back to me and argues, I speak kindly because I am talking to one that bears the imprint of God.

And when my daughter wraps her arms around me and gives me a hug, I know for sure it is a hug from God!

See the paradigm? Knowing this one truth affects everything.

Think how many interactions we have with our daughters each day. Each one sends a message to our daughters’ hearts, and over the years, these hundreds of messages determine how our daughters see themselves, how they see God, and how they interact with us.