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A fabulous premise, creating a faith-based approach to raising a daughter with a unique angle…an all-inclusive read…beautifully done!

~Writer’s Digest

As a Dad with a daughter heading off to college I wish I had this book 15 years ago. But thankfully you can read this book right now and benefit from the wisdom it provides. It’s the go-to guide for raising daughters with purpose, courage and conviction!

~Jon Gordon, Author of the Wallstreet Journal Bestseller The Energy Bus

Raising God’s Girl is an amazing book full of helpful advice and practical steps in parenting girls.

~Barbette Yingst, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine

Raising God’s Girl is fabulous and very well written, encouraging, practical, biblical and balanced.

~Ann Dunagan, Author of Mission Minded Family

Biblically strong teaching laced with refreshing honesty and humor! I was challenged and inspired.

~Tammy McMahan, Author Sword Study Series

Thank you for this powerful, heartfelt and Biblically sound encouragement for any parent with daughters.  I saw my little girl in these pages and deeply appreciated the real life examples and struggles that your family so openly shared.  This book will bless so many lives!

~Jim Cockrum
Husband, Father & Best Selling Small Business Author

Rich and Mary Lou Graham and their daughters have written an excellent book. Thank you for including so many conversation scenarios to model the principles. This, coupled with the clear writing, the instruction, the encouragement, the personal examples, and of course, so many references to God’s Word, will make this book a powerful tool in the work of the Holy Spirit.

~Leslie Santamaria, mother of two, professional editor, and author of A Mother Who Prayed

A powerful challenge to parents to embrace their daughters as gifts from the Lord, courageously raise them according to biblical directions, and faithfully launch them into the world, equipped to do the work that God has called them to do.

Keith Tucci, Christian Leader, Father

If you want to raise a daughter who is confident and secure in who they are, you should consider reading this book! We don’t realize how delicate our little girls are! If we don’t help them to see that they are precious gifts, the world will give them another message. A message that will leave them searching for their worth in other places other than in the One who made them!

~Katie, wife, mother, and missionary in Guatemala

Raising God’s Girl is filled with very real and down to earth stories, examples and ideas to help other parents raise their daughters. Each chapter is full of insight and Biblical wisdom as well as personal experience on the behalf of the Graham’s. Written by both a father and a mother, the reader gets both sides of the parenting field, and as such makes it a great read for moms and dads alike.


This book was a fun and informative read. While the authors packed a lot of information into each chapter, it was presented in an interesting way so I didn’t feel bored or bogged down. It’s very clear that they have the experience necessary to talk about raising daughters, since they have four of their own. Their insightful and helpful tips and thoughts were a blessing to me. An interesting aspect of this book was that they pulled their daughters in to help write from the daughter’s perspective. So not only do you hear about parenting advice, but you see how it worked or didn’t work from the daughter’s view point. This is a book that I’ll be keeping and referencing often while I’m raising my own daughter. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has or plans on having a daughter.

~T. Murrell

The Grahams offer a precious gift to their readers in their book Raising God’s Girl. This book is for anyone from a parent of an infant daughter to grandparents and will surely be an encouragement no matter what stage of parenting one is in. I have read many parenting books, but few have brought as much encouragement, conviction, envisioning, and hope for growth and for the future as the words throughout this book have brought.  My daughters (ages 11-7) have seen the Lord at work in my own heart because the conviction that has come through reading the pages of this book has led to confession and repentance and actual change!  And not only has this book affected my parenting, but it has influenced my marriage and other relationships. This is a great read for every Christian parent looking to raise their daughters to want to see, love, follow, honor and glorify the Lord in everyday life.

~Amazon Reader

The Grahams offer a precious gift to their readers in their book Raising God’s Girl.  I have read many parenting books, but few have brought as much encouragement, conviction, envisioning, and hope for growth and for the future as the words throughout this book have brought.

~Meghann Roberts, mother of three daughters

Raising God’s Girl is an insightful parenting book, written by Rich and Mary Lou Graham. I really like how the book emphasizes that girls are “God’s girls,” and that they can revel in the knowledge that they are children of God.  The book talks about an assortment of parenting topics, such as encouraging your daughter, helping her develop friendships, protecting her, and helping her walk through life’s disappointments. 

~Amazon Reader

Raising God’s Girl has been so encouraging! Thank you Graham family for sharing what God has taught you and for living out such a grace filled life for others to witness!

~ Rachel Phillips, mother of four children

Raising God’s Girl has taught my husband and me much more than just parenting.  It has taught us about our attitude, compassion, convictions, our heart, and ultimately, to trust that God has given us everything we need to raise our daughters for His glory!

~ Jenn Smothers, Publisher, mother of three children


Graham Family Endorsements


“I am so grateful to these two amazing people for investing so much in my life.”


“Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for me. I knew I could talk to my parents whenever because they would always make time for me and intently listen to what I would say and they would always pray about it before making a decision and then lovingly tell me the answer.”


There are so many reasons to pick from but one thing I love is that you spend lots of time with me and you care for me.


Thank you Mommy and Daddy for your constant love for us. Thank you for your willingness to be used by the Lord to love, encourage, and train us. Even while writing this book, you were never too busy to pray for us, help us, or listen to us. I love you with my whole heart!


My parents are great at encouraging us to do our best at whatever we do whether we’re playing soccer, drawing a picture, or doing school, they’re always there for us.


This book is great for any parent needing counsel in raising their daughters. With so many opinions out there on how to parent, who can you trust? How about someone who has produced good fruit! Trust me, Rich and Mary Lou are the real deal and they have borne good fruit … I should know since I married one of their ‘fruit’!


Great book! As I am just entering into parenting myself I learned so much from reading Raising God’s Girl as my parents wrote it. I delivered my first daughter right after they finished it and know I will be referring to it often.


Mom and Dad, you are the best parents in the world! You always place our needs before your own and consistently demonstrate incredible love for us. You show us love by saying yes to fun and wholesome things we can do together as a family and by saying no to different opportunities that would take you away from us. I know that many people look up to you both, including myself! Thank you for listening to God’s voice in raising us!


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